Thursday, 20 May 2010

Mother Goose and 6 Goslings – Day 2 – They do have a dad after all..

The Goslings have a Dad after all  - yippeeee!!! I was so convinced the Mother goose was a single parent to her goslings. I had never seen the  male goose at all while she was incubating her eggs, and I would have expected him to be guarding his partner while she was on her nest for the 5 weeks, and even perhaps share the incubating with her when she needed to come off the nest to feed. Swans do, Canada geese obviously don’t. Perhaps its normal for the male to stay away to avoid attracting attention to the nest site. Anyway, he is here now, and guarding his young family as they explore around the lake learning what is edible and what is not..  And they are certainly learning that bread is very tasty. 

They come to about three feet from me now, infront of mum and dad.  I expect they will be eating out of my hands in the next couple of days if all goes well.

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