Wednesday, 19 May 2010

6 Goslings, Day 1 : Hatched to a single parent mother

They must have hatched yesterday, because they were off the nest today for the first time in their tiny little lives.

Proud mother of 6 goslings, proudly showed off her offspring and tried to show them what bread is.  Mum us very tame, so if the babies survive the dangers around them they will grow up not fearing me.. And I will be able to get close and personal with my camera.  I didnt do too badly today..

Its already a sad story because the babies have no dad to protect them from danger. Lets hope mum is a good mum, and keeps the foxes away. So far its good news. Mother and babies doing great.. Their first day on the water and they’ve taken to it like ducks…

I’ll be able to watch and photograph them every day, weather permitting of course. 

IMG_4446_b IMG_4449_b IMG_4452_b IMG_4460 1_b IMG_4473_b IMG_4475_b IMG_4483_b IMG_4497_1_bIMG_4494_1_b  IMG_4518_b

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