Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Happy Families – Mum and Dad and 6 Goslings enjoying the summer weather – Day 2


Now that Dad has turned up, its one big happy family… Arent they so cute…

IMG_4564_1_b IMG_4525_1_b IMG_4547_1_b

Mother Goose and 6 Goslings – Day 2 – They do have a dad after all..

The Goslings have a Dad after all  - yippeeee!!! I was so convinced the Mother goose was a single parent to her goslings. I had never seen the  male goose at all while she was incubating her eggs, and I would have expected him to be guarding his partner while she was on her nest for the 5 weeks, and even perhaps share the incubating with her when she needed to come off the nest to feed. Swans do, Canada geese obviously don’t. Perhaps its normal for the male to stay away to avoid attracting attention to the nest site. Anyway, he is here now, and guarding his young family as they explore around the lake learning what is edible and what is not..  And they are certainly learning that bread is very tasty. 

They come to about three feet from me now, infront of mum and dad.  I expect they will be eating out of my hands in the next couple of days if all goes well.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Single Parent Goose and 6 Godalming Goslings – Day 2

Mum and babies doing great!

I thought the first night would be a dangerous night, there are so many hungry foxes around with cubs to feed.  But mother Goose still has 6 goslings.. I’ll get out there with my camera later (and a slice of bread) and add some more photos (if its not raining that is!).

6 Goslings, Day 1 : Hatched to a single parent mother

They must have hatched yesterday, because they were off the nest today for the first time in their tiny little lives.

Proud mother of 6 goslings, proudly showed off her offspring and tried to show them what bread is.  Mum us very tame, so if the babies survive the dangers around them they will grow up not fearing me.. And I will be able to get close and personal with my camera.  I didnt do too badly today..

Its already a sad story because the babies have no dad to protect them from danger. Lets hope mum is a good mum, and keeps the foxes away. So far its good news. Mother and babies doing great.. Their first day on the water and they’ve taken to it like ducks…

I’ll be able to watch and photograph them every day, weather permitting of course. 

IMG_4446_b IMG_4449_b IMG_4452_b IMG_4460 1_b IMG_4473_b IMG_4475_b IMG_4483_b IMG_4497_1_bIMG_4494_1_b  IMG_4518_b

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Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Trentham Monkey Magic at the Monkey Forest, walk amongst 140 free Barbary Macaques..

Last weeks visit to Trentham Monkey Forest was delightful.  I have just received an email that 4 healthy new born baby girls arrived in the days following my visit.. The first one of the season the very next day ! … A photo opportunity missed. but I have no complaints I am happy with my photos..

Visit Trentham Monkey Forest yourselves and experience a walk amongst the 140+ Babary macaques roaming free in 60 acres of beautiful English woodlands. Spot the new born May babies. Stroll through the forest and be transported into a different world. It is truly amazing, and loads of fun -  even on a cold and wet day.

IMG_4222_w"Three naughty Boys"IMG_4217_w   IMG_4232_w  IMG_4258_w IMG_4266_wIMG_4224_w IMG_4271_w 29 year old girl. The oldest in the parkIMG_4305_wIMG_4292_wIMG_4275_w      IMG_4354_w IMG_4367_w IMG_4375_w IMG_4378_w IMG_4303_wIMG_4342_w

Sunday, 9 May 2010