Monday, 22 March 2010

Maui’s Red Cardinal, collecting seeds for his Mrs

Spring has arrived in Maui. 

The Cardinals have been singing at the tops of the tall bamboo, claiming their territory and attracting their mates.

I have a pair of Red Cardinals that have been singing their hearts out just outside the house, and I have started putting out sunflower seeds on the deck railings.  In no time the male started coming for the seeds, soon followed by his pretty mate, and he breaks open the seeds and then leans forward to feed her while she begs for the food. She must be laying eggs already, although I haven’t watchied close enough to see where she flies to, to try to spot where she is nesting.  The male is getting very tame now.

IMG_3508_1 x

So out came the camera.. The shutter scared him. I was too close, but he came back both times for more food.  Greedy little thing.

Still yet to get a picture of him feeding his Mrs, so watch this blog …. IMG_3507_1 x

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Windsurfing in Maui

Its not often that I have photos taken of me windsurfing!!! Everybody is usually too busy getting out onto the water themselves. Not Thursday though,  thanks to Marv, and his Nikon camera and 500mm lens. We’ve been having a windy March, about time too I say, after a windless January and February. So, finally some evidence here to show I do have fun on the beach in Maui on a windy day at Kanaha.Anita and Margie

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Sunday, 7 March 2010

Nita Change towels – Maui Made…

Well, I never guessed that when I made and used my new change towel for the first time, all the girls at the  beach started placing their orders.   Now we can change in full view and stay hidden…   The Change Towel, wish i made one years ago. !!!!  too funny!

Thanks Marvin for doing the chirpy ‘photoshoot'’   …

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beach-babes 3-7-10 030

beach-babes 3-7-10 011 beach-babes 3-7-10 009






beach-babes 3-7-10 018




beach-babes 3-7-10 023


Tents more like!!!



beach-babes 3-7-10 033