Saturday, 16 January 2010

NEW – Tomas Harris Website – Write and Publish your own Posts about Tomas Harris

TomasHarris - MI5 Garbo case officerI have created a new website ( ) for all you internet surfers out there  who would also like to share any knowledge they have about Tomas Harris, MI5 officer, artist, scholar, goya specialist etc…

Since starting my popular Anita Harris Family Tree  wesbite ( that includes a lot of posts and great information about my vast newly discovered Harris family along with a lot of posts about Tomas Harris and Garbo.

  I have received so much positive feedback, and endless information, that I am having trouble keeping up with all the new information coming my way.  Now its your turn to publish posts about Tomas Harris …

Last photo of TH1099I will continue to publish my own Tomas Harris and Harris family posts on to which you can subscribe to receive emails when I add new posts (click the email link in the header on that website)

You can now write and publish your OWN posts to my new website  You can also subscribe to receive emails whenever any one else adds a new post about Tomas Harris on , by subscribing to the email updates there too (from the link in the header on that site).

I have received so much positive feedback about both sites – Thank you.

And also a HUGE thanks to all of you out there who are supplying me with so much fabulous information.

Foto Garden Lodge from AndreuSubscribe to receive emails for new posts on the to receive new details as they are published about the Tomas Harris exhibition in Mallorca this July (2010) or view  the events page on the Tomas Harris site (


PS To write and publish your own posts on please email me to request a username and password – thats all you’ll need to login and start writing…  email me at new @ tomas harris. com   (no spaces)  - looking forward to hearing from you.

Friday, 1 January 2010

New post Added about Tomas Harris – the famous Painter, Sculpturer who worked for MI5 during WWII

I have added lots of new posts and lots of new photographs to my new   website. Click the next link to see the most recent posting about Tomas Harris and his Art ..

 Tomas Harris - Mónica mirando   Tomas Harris Art - Ceramics 3258 


Tomas Harris Art - Stained Glass 1027Tomas Harris Art - Terracota Sculpture EphDSCN1064

December 2009 – A busy month at Jaws, I went at least four times to photograph the surfers, at Jaws, in Maui, Hawaii. Toe in surfers hope for more waves in 2010. And we had a Blue Moon on New Years Eve.

IMG_2505  Jaws even broke on Christmas day, after having already been biting on 7th 8th and 9th of December.  December was unusual month in Maui.  With Jaws getting so many visitors on so many days especially on Christmas day which was a great christmas present.   We also had a Blue Moon ( Known as the second Full moon in one month) and on New Years eve. So it was quite a spectacular month to end 2009..

I have written posts on my official website which have the links to the Jaws photos – one gallery for each different day. Click this link to go Christmas Day Photos at Jaws Post with links to the Gallery



AND … here are a few pictures of the full moon as it set on New Years Eve Morning and rose again the same evening..

IMG_2681BLUE Moon Set New Years Eve Morning



and BLUE Moon Rise (The Blue Moon 2nd Full moon in the same month) on  NYE evening..

Next Blue moon in August 2012 – What is a Blue Moon ? (Its not really BLUE!)

Then fireworks and Champagne rounded off the year nicely and saw the new year in..

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010 is here..